钛师傅 (G1)//Alpha Trion (G1)。

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钛师傅是一名汽车人 ,出自G1连续系族


Alpha Trion is one of the oldest living Transformers, and with that age comes a nuanced understanding of his race and their place within the universe. In his youth, he went by the name A3, and in this time, he helped lead the enslaved Cybertronians in their rebellion against their cruel masters, the Quintessons. As a result, he was instrumental in first establishing Cybertron as an independent planet.

In his older years, he has found a comfortable role in serving as advisor to other Transformers. Though not taking part in the battles of the Great War, he is firmly on the side of the Autobots, serving as a mentor and guide, especially to Optimus Prime and Elita One. He is an enigmatic old robot, though he is known to be the guardian of Vector Sigma and the custodian of its circuit key. His sage-like manner paints him in almost a mystic tone, and possible connections between Alpha Trion, Primus, and the history of Cybertron itself have boosted him into legendary status.


钛师傅 (G1)/Alpha Trion (G1)。
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形象:性格坚韧,和蔼博学的钛师傅是塞伯坦 上的圣贤,是汽车人 中的最智慧的长者。他和塞伯坦内部的魔力神球有着千丝万缕的联系,这使得霸天虎 也要敬他三分。年轻时代的钛师父谋略过人,那时他的名字是:“阿尔法3”--著名的奴隶起义领袖。在反抗五面怪的暴政的战斗中,他渐渐地成为了塞伯坦 机器人的领袖。他掌握着很多塞伯坦上的远古文明的秘密。是他发现了至尊太君遗失的魔力神球的钥匙,并将它改造成能被塞伯坦上的机器人首领使用的领导模块,并借此转化成钛师父。钛师父是擎天柱的制造者。在这之后的数百万年间,他一直是塞伯坦正义事业的支持者。最终,为了挽救宇宙的和平,他燃尽自己的力量,将他的火种同魔力神球融合。

载动形态/Vehicle Mode

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